NANOGREAT project aims at building up a Network of Infrastructure (NoI) in the topic of Graphene based materials and composites.

The project has the scope to strengthen the collaborations between a whole chain of laboratories and companies working within the theme substitution “more than metal”, making available a Network of Facilities actually involved in research on new and innovative Graphene Related Materials (GRMs) for several fields of application.
This will give a service to the development needs of the involved / interested partners, at the same time benefiting from a collaboration with the FET FLAGSHIP GRAPHENE, leveraging the potential of new materials developed.

The NoI focus is activities in:
– sharing expertise and equipment for material characterization, testing and validation;
– sharing services for material production at the actual scale of processes (from mg to g levels);
– Start a design and planning phase for the upscaling of production in the most promising application sectors for key stakeholders of the KIC RAW MATTERS community.