A list of services, technologies and processes provided by the NoI is available for end users  and customers to support identification of best materials, processes, application sectors and market deployment plan.

CoS Legenda

1 Dispersion optimization in different matrixes/fluids ABC 6-8 TECNALIA
2 Functionalization optimization of Graphene for the introduction in different matrixes AB 6-8 TECNALIA
3 Graphene Pellets, dispersion and solid dispersion AB 7-9 BZN
4 Growth Graphene by laser reduction A 4 UPM-ISOM
5 Growth of CVD Graphene A 8 UPM-ISOM
6 Growth of Graphene and transfer onto arbitrary target surfaces A 1-4 ENEA
7 Manufacturing of engineered solutions including components and system integration AC 3-6 FBK
8 Manufacturing powder or bulk ceramic or metal/carbon nanomaterial and nanocomposites AC 4-6 IMN-Gliwice
9 Polymer, metal and/or ceramic matrix nanocomposites ABCDE 6-8 TECNALIA
10 Production and characterization of Graphene nanopellets AB 4-9 BZN
11 Production and characterization of nanomaterials AB 4-9 BZN
12 Automatic transfer of 2D CVD graphene B 1-8 UPM-ISOM
13 Characterization of Graphene materials BC 8 IMN-CLAiO
14 Consulting on emerging applications of Graphene BE 1-9 TECNALIA
15 Consulting service on the CVD of Graphene B 1-4 ENEA
16 Decoration of Nanomaterial BD FBK
17 Electrical- thermal characterization of Graphene based nanocomposite BCE 1-8 TECNALIA
18 Magneto-optics characterization BCDE UniRBD
19 Mechanical characterization BCDE UniTN
20 Modelling and simulation of the mechanical behaviour BCDE UniTN
21 Modelling of energy systems B 3-6 FBK
22 Morphologic, physical-chemical characterization BD FBK
23 Nanosafety service: occupational exposure assessment and control BCE TECNALIA
24 Structural characterization of Graphene-based structures BCE 1-8 TECNALIA
25 Thermal and chemical stability BF ENEA
26 Characterization of GRMs and composites C 1-9 IMN-Gliwice
27 Electrical characterization of Graphene-based nanocomposite C 1-8 UPM-ISOM
28 Fabrication of Graphene based electrodes CDE 5 TECNALIA
29 Fabrication of Graphene based supercapacitors for energy application C 7 UPM-ISOM
30 Optical characterization of Graphene-based nanocomposite C 1-8 UPM-ISOM
31 Structural characterization of Graphene-based structure C 1-8 UPM-ISOM
32 Technology development for manufacturing of ceramic or metal Graphene nanocomposite in laboratory scale CE 1-4 IMN-Gliwice
33 Characterization of sorption properties in different Sievert apparatus D 5-7 FBK
34 Emerging applications of Graphene E 9 UPM-ISOM
35 Analysis of surface and interface E ENEA
36 Spectroscopic characterization F ENEA


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