NANOGREAT NoI, more than connecting a scientific and technical community on the topic of Graphene Related Materials (GRMs) for several fields of application, constitute a network of expertise.

All the different expertise may be collected in the following areas of activity:

  • Simulation and modelling of mechanical behavior
  • Materials Characterization (graphene on semiconductors, morphology, surface potential and ressitivity, optical, structural, electrical)
  • Materials Engineering (materials, electronics, sensors, actuators, software and embedded systems, components & subsystems)
  • Materials Manufacturing and Processes (Nanocopper, silver nanowires, graphene, printing, high throughput, nanomaterial synthesis)
  • Production (capacity for prototype and small series manufacturing)
  • Nanosafety (toxicology, ecotoxicology, exposure assessment, mechanisms¬†of interaction, risk assessment)
  • Certification and testing
  • Technology Transfer

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