End users of NANOGREAT NoI are both industries and developers that needs to create a complete value chain starting from the single raw material to the final product, addressing the future market technology development.

NANOGREAT will try to bridge the gap between research and market oriented applications, collaborating with clients to propose new manufacturing solutions for new composites and functional materials, substituting the rare and scarce raw matters on several technology challenges such as:

  •  Catalyst composites and electrodes for several applications in the energy field (batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors, transparent conductive oxides, etc.);
  •  Catalysts and functional materials for biotechnologies;
  • Biopolymer fibers/graphene for biomedical applications.
  • Nano-composites for environmental applications;
  • Nano-composites and functional materials for micro-technologies and optoelectronics;
  • Graphene platelets (GPL) production by shear forces with intensive milling or by  electrochemical ways;
  • Ceramic/GPL nanocomposites with optimized tribological properties.



Web - ImmaginaIMMAGINA BioTechnology srl is an italian company based in the biotech incubator of the Bruno Kessler Foundation. IMMAGINA’s ambition is to deliver smart solutions for better gene expression analysis in research and hospital labs, to support life science worldwide. The core business is the isolation and analysis of translationally active ribonucleic acids (RNAs). We develop several graphene-based products complementary to their own developed  technology:
Immagina MaGOTM and MarGO-XmTM Immaginabeads are Graphene Oxide and reduced Graphene Oxide doped magnetic beads. Thanks to the special formulation, these beads can be used for catalysis, separation and purification of organic molecules. On top of that, the uniqueness of these materials make them suitable for biological applications.