1 Web UniTNThe University of Trento is a medium size University in Italy, constantly ranked among the best Italian Universities: as first in the 2013 National Report on the quality of research and among the first 200 institutions according to the THE – Times Higher Education Rankings 2015-2016. This result is due, in particular, to the University’s ability to finance itself, its success in scientific research, its ability to look towards Europe and the world, and to the satisfaction of the students.

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The SOLID AND STRUCTURAL MECHANICS GROUP is part of the Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering of UniTN. The aim of the group is the investigation of the behaviour of materials and structures, subject to quasi-static and dynamic loadings, working on small-size models invented to capture the most important mechanical aspects. Among others, the main research topics are: Bio-inspired hierarchical super nanomaterials (eg. self-healing), super-strong graphene, nanotubes and related bundles and composites (e.g. flaw tolerant space elevator cables), Gecko-inspired nanostructured surfaces (e.g. Spiderman suits), self-cleaning & anti-adhesive super-hydrophobic leaves and related lotus-inspired nanostructured surfaces (e.g. anti-ice), design and fabrication of Nano Electro Mechanical Systems (eg. nanotubes or graphene based), Graphene nanoscrolls and related systems (eg. nanomotors), Nanomedicine and Nanoindentation;  Quantized Fracture Mechanics, in quasi-static, dynamic and fatigue regimes (eg. role of defects in graphene), Nanoscale Weibull & Fractal Statistics and related size-effects on material strength (e.g. nanotubes statistics), Multiscale fragmentation under impact and explosions and structural dynamics (e.g. universal scaling laws on energy dissipation) and Nanotribology (e.g. of graphene, biological or hierarchical surfaces).


  • Electromechanical testing machines (two ELE Tritest 50 by ELE International Ltd, one Midi 10 and one Beta 100 by Messphysik Materials Testing) for electromechanical characterization;
  • Testing machine for nanomechanical characterization (Agilent UTM T150 by Agilent Technologies) and different uniaxial testing machines for testing material samples with characteristic length ranging from micro to macro scale;
  • HPC cluster for simulations aiming at investigating the mechanical behavior of complex structures.